Three Years Later…

Okay, so the title of this entry sounds like the corny transition phrase in a movie.

In life, though, three years does not just pass instantaneously.

I guess the best way to start this entry is to give an update on my life, since it’s been a good year and half since my last entry. I graduated from St. Bonaventure University in May 2014 with my Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication. The majority of my last semester of college was spent scouring the Internet for job postings, sending email after email with cover letters and resumes. Visits to the Career Center also ensued. I was able to find a work study job for the semester, so my financial standing was going well.

On the social side, things had been a bit more interesting. Since I was finally 21, I could at last go out to the bars with my friends on the weekends. It had been over a year since I had gone out to the bars in England, and the experience was a little bit different. Still, I reveled at the freedom of being able to socialize with people legally, instead of having to rely on house parties to be able to drink.

In February, everything slowly started to get more fragile. I realized I only had three months until the real world was at my feet, and stress started to consume me more and more. The week of Valentine’s Day was one of the worst weeks of my college career, and ended with an event that made me a mix of relieved, discouraged and sad. Let’s just say, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my two single friends.

I had a Skype interview in March, but it didn’t go anywhere. At that point, I was fixated on going to Washington, D.C., where my brother lived and where opportunity presented itself. Going to England had given me a case of wanderlust, and I intended to satisfy it somehow.

Graduation came and went, and I went back to my hometown for the summer, working my old job as a cashier while applying for jobs.

My break finally came in July, two months after graduation. I spent two weeks in DC house-sitting for my brother while he was in Europe. I landed an interview at a nonprofit organization for a paid internship for the fall semester. Two weeks after the interview, they offered me the position. I landed in D.C. on August 15, 2014 and have been here ever since.

After a year of two internships, temp jobs and part-time jobs, I finally landed my first full-time paid job as communications assistant to this small nonprofit in downtown D.C. I’m making real money and have a normal schedule. I’ve met so many new people since I’ve gotten here that it’s been great. My social skills became a lot better after England.

As for communication with my friends I made while in England, social media is what’s kept it alive. I’m still friends with people on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. I plan to hopefully visit them at some point next year, once I’ve saved up enough money.

Even though time has passed and everyone has gone their separate ways, I’ll always remember everybody and everything.

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