Goodbyes to England and Friends, Hello to Home and the Holidays

    Well, I’m just about done. Tomorrow morning I leave for the Manchester airport to fly home to the United States. I have a layover in Chicago before flying back to New York State. That means I’ll get to see O’Hare Airport (the busiest airport in the country) at Christmastime!
    The thought is bittersweet. I do miss home and will be glad to return to see everyone and celebrate Christmas with my family. But facing the fact I’m leaving England and everyone here, people and places I might not see again for a very long time, is very tough. I’ve already said goodbye to a lot of my English and American friends who have returned home for the holidays.That’s the hardest part.

How is it possible for three months to have gone by so fast? Unlike my university back home, I won’t be returning here for the spring semester.
    I would like to thank everyone for reading this blog about my journey through Europe. I’ve made fantastic friends here and gone to places I never thought I’d go to, all before the age of 21!
    There should be one or two more blog posts after this one, describing my reverse culture shock. Using American money, driving on the right side of the road and hearing people with American accents will seem amusing yet confusing to me. After living in a foreign country for three months, I’ve become quite accustomed to the English culture.
    The one detail about England I won’t miss- the conversion rate of money. With the English pound being worth almost double the American dollar, everything has been more expensive. It will be nice to return to a place where $1= $1.

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