Christmas in England


Liverpool’s Christmas lights


 Here in England, Christmas spirit is everywhere. With no Thanksgiving to celebrate, the Christmas season begins right after Halloween. Literally. Starbucks brings out their red and green cups. Decorations pop up in the store windows and, of course, who could forget Christmas lights? Everywhere.
    Witnessing how the English culture celebrates Christmas has renewed my enthusiasm for the holidays; seeing how each city and town expresses their spirit.   
    Here in Ormskirk, it’s not too hard to catch the Christmas spirit. Colorful lights are strung between the buildings downtown, while a gigantic Christmas tree sits in the center, donned with blue lights. They even have a ceremony to switch them on at the end of November. 
Liverpool showcases their lights along the main shopping center and their Christmas markets. A little more exquisite then Ormskirk, expectantly, with miniature Christmas trees and round, glowing spheres.


Liverpool’s Christmas Market


Round light orbs

However, London triumphs above all with their Christmas displays. While on the family trip in London, we were lucky enough to witness the Christmas lights along Oxford Street and explore Harrod’s fantastic Christmas store and displays.  

    Here at Edge Hill University, us Americans, along with the English students celebrated the holidays by holding our own Christmas dinner and movie marathon. We decorated our hall’s common room with Christmas decorations to help get us in the spirit.


Christmas decorations in the common room

    As much as I’ve loved experiencing the holiday season here in England, I am excited to be returning to the United States to spend Christmas with my family.
    Nevertheless, I will always remember being fortunate enough to celebrate Christmas in two different countries; the best of both worlds.







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